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About Kay


Kay Duncan


Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you have enjoyed viewing my work and listening to my music.

I am an interdisciplinary artist based in Christchurch New Zealand and make my art works and write songs in my home based studios, where I also run art classes and painting workshops. 

Originally from the Naval port Island city of Portsmouth in England, I studied product design in the UK, and was interested in Sculpture.

After I had emigrated to New Zealand in 1984, I was greatly inspired by the New Zealand landscape and clarity of light and began painting.

Initially, I focused on painting watercolours. Later on I taught life drawing and watercolour painting in a series of workshops. At this time I also co-owned and operated a local gallery/ framing business.

I have exhibited my work locally and sold a series of my watercolour prints through out NZ, and I continue to paint, and teach art from my home based studio.

Deep connections with nature, the unique New Zealand landscape and the human relationship with these, is where I seek inspiration for my work.

I have been singing all my life and began performing and writing songs in the UK when I was 11 years old, and enjoyed singing in local folk clubs there. I have spent many years working with children in the community and in schools using my music and art. 

My style is a mix of soul, folk, blues and jazz.  I like to keep it real and authentic, writing predominately from my own experiences and observations. Themes reflect the issues of our times. 

I was the lead singer in the Christchurch jazz band “The Flying Dixies” and I also work in collaboration with my composer and pianist husband Guy Hobson. I perform frequently at local venues, events and private functions solo and with Guy.

My debut album, 'Interstellar Refugee' was recorded entirely in my home based studio.




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